fredag, januari 08, 2010

Outlook 2010

Den internationella samarbetsorganisationen INMA har för sina medlemmar publicerat sin årliga "Outlook". Dokumentet är, som vanligt, författat av organisationens VD Earl Wilkinson. Wilkinson är en insiktsfull klok och erfaren man med relevanta reflektioner och förmåga att uttrycka sig. Tillgång till rapporten är en medlemsförmån. Men här följer en rad tankeväckande citat ur rapporten:

- “a Swedish publisher of a popular daily put it to me this way: Americans are being pounded on 85% of their business model (advertising), while he’s being pounded on 35% of his business model.”

- “a U.S. newspaper that published a blaring headline about how the Wall Street Journal laid off 15 people, while in a smaller headline they mentioned IBM had laid off 15,000. Newspapers “tell a story of glass half-empty” when reporting on themselves, she said.”

- “10 questions newspaper industry CEOs should be asking themselves about the reformulation of their budgets and plans over the next 18 months.”

- “The content-advertising revenue mix must shift more to the content side or we are all doomed."

- Stampens VD Tomas Brunegård citeras: “Newspapers are no longer in the centre of the universe. We are part of a network, we rely on each other, and we have to identify how this works in order to create a business model for the future.”. Ett andra Brunegårdcitat: “We gave them (them=bilhandlare) space for free, but we had an agreement that if they sold cars we got a share of that. Fur us, it was to get knowledge. The most important thing is not to make money today or tomorrow, but maybe the day after tomorrow."

- “Content gains value as it gains links. “You have to make your stuff open. If you’re not searchable, you won’t be found. If you’re not linkable, you don’t exist.”

- “A European publisher told INMA that while his page views have doubled, they need to double again because the internet is all about scale. He said that while 25% of web site visitors go to his site monthly, 8% go daily and that daily number needs to be closer to 25%.”

- “Web sites are expected to account for 10% of daily newspaper advertising in 2013 worldwide, compared with 6% in 2008, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. The highest-end region for web site advertising in four years will be North America where 15% of advertising will be digital. This is hardly a revenue panacea.”

- “The chief digital officer of a Canadian newspaper passionately argued that you can’t talk about total audience. There are too many differences in audience behaviour connected with the platforms. You can sell what you know, and we know the unique value propositions of each medium — not necessarily the synergistic effects across media.”

- “Still at a third office in Oslo, Finn executives are aware of their print roots, yet they talk distantly about them like a history teacher explaining humanity’s evolutionary roots. Finn has a distinct sales culture with youngish employees who mix entrepreneurialism with sales with technology.”

- “…newspapers today are a “hybrid media….”

- “If we explain how we are a business model in transition that is still keeping its core mission and values together while navigating this change, we re-establish our position and value. We aren’t going away, but we are changing. That’s not a bad thing. Too often it is reported as a bad thing because we only report old metrics that don’t tell the whole story.”